*All group programs are suspended until further notice.

Couples Therapy Group
A group program for couples who are experiencing communication difficulties in their relationship. The program is based on Gottman Couple Therapy Method (GCMT). The GCMT method is world renowned and research based. The group program is run 2 times per year; February to April and September to November for 8 weekly sessions or 3 consecutive weekends. There is a maximum enrollment of 5 couples per group to maximize learning. There are 2 leaders per group.

Intensive Couple Counseling

Please consider intensive couples therapy if

  • You and your partner are in crisis
  • You’re on the edge of calling your relationship quits
  • The two of you are unable to move forward as a result of infidelity
  • You need a lot of counseling quick

You’ll meet together with your partner and an experienced couples therapist and focus directly on your relationship: where the relationship started, what went wrong, what’s still working in the relationship, and what are the steps to change and repair your relationship.

The session times are flexible; weekdays and weekends are available including evening hours.

The Consulting for Solutions Group (CSG)
is a clinical and consulting clinic that provides therapeutic services to indiviuals, couples and families.

Presently Providing Video and Phone Therapy.

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